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Pathos Aurium hörlursförstärkare (demo-ex)

17,000 kr 9,500 kr

Vi har ett demo-ex av Pathos Aurium hörlursförstärkare i silverfärg. Använd mindre än 30 timmar och är i nyskick. Kommer i sin originallåda med allt.
Nypris 17000 kr. Detta ex nu 9500 kr.

Pure class A, tube pre stage and MOS-FET power stage, zero feedback, the Aurium performs what audiophiles are used to from Pathos: exquisite musicality, transparency, dynamics and total lack of listening fatigue.

Flexibility is granted by the possibility to adjust output impedance from 16 to 1,000 Ohm, in order to provide a perfect interface with any kind of headphone.

The volume control – a critical component in every amp – is operated by means of a high precision Burr-Brown device.


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